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No, 94% of Japanese Readers Do Not Prefer Paper

14278359818_56ac6dacf7_heBooks may be a billion-dollar business in Japan, but that industry continues to be supported by a relatively small percentage of the population.

Or at least that is what The Bookseller reported last week, in an article on a recent survey:

The latest poll on reading preferences in Japan has found that digital books have flopped spectacularly, with 94% of readers still preferring paper books.

Long established online market researchers Cross Marketing conducted the survey earlier this month across Eastern Japan (albeit with a typically low base, as is the Japanese practice in such polls, of only 1,200 men and women aged 15-69 years).

Of the 51% who said they read regularly, an average of 6% said they bought e-books regularly. The survey showed that on average 87% of regular readers still buy books at brick and mortar bookstores, with 45% shopping at online outlets like Amazon, and a whopping 37% still buying regularly from second hand bookshops.

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