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Amazon has a Daring Plan to Steal Readers, Customers From Google

Amazon BlazeLong before the Fire Phone fizzled, Amazon had deals with smartphone makers to pre-load the Kindle app and Amazon shopping app on certain models. Now the retailer is in talks with smartphone OEMs to expand its footprint.

The Information reports: is looking to cement tighter software partnerships with Android phone makers, its latest effort to get more customers for its services on smartphones, say people briefed on different aspects of the discussions at Amazon.

Amazon has discussed working with phone brands at a “factory level” to integrate its services with devices in a deeper way than simply preloading apps as it currently does with some companies, says one person familiar with Amazon’s thinking. This would help Amazon gain a measure of influence over Android smartphone software, which is owned by a competitor, Google.

According to their sources, the deal could include replacing/matching certain Google services with the Amazon equivalents For example, Google Now and other voice assistants could be replaced by Alexa, the virtual assistant in Echo smart speaker. Also, there’s mention that Firefly, Amazon’s product recognition service, could be turned into an app and integrated into smartphones.

So would this result in a phone that resembled the Kindle Fire tablets when it comes to software, do you think?

Me, I’m not so sure. This rumor doesn’t have enough substance for me to tell whether Amazon is in the early or late stages of negotiations, or if this idea (assuming it’s for real) is still at a brainstorm and whiteboard stage.

How do you suppose Google would react to the news?

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