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A Brief Hands-On with GadMei’s 3D Tablet

I made some time today to stop at the Gadmei booth. You might recall the news from last week when the GadMei T863 Android tablet first showed up in the USB Brando gadget store. This is an 8″ tablet that boasts a 3D screen. It can play 3D videos, but I’m not sure you’d want it to.

It’s a fairly ordinary looking tablet, and it was quite solidly built. I can confirm that it it is running Android 4.0 on a 1GHz CPU, and it has a VGA webcam, 8GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, USB Host, and HDMI out.

I liked the general feel of the tablet.  It was a tad on the heavy side, but not enough that you’d notice.It’s a decent tablet for the $200, so it shouldn’t matter much  if the 3D video abilities don’t pan out for you.

So this tablet can play 3D video, but what was surprising was that it could do glasses free 3D. That was more than I was expecting, and the fact that you don’t need to carry around the goggles will make this tablet very appealing to some.

But not me. I’m not sure if my experience is typical, but I couldn’t stand to watch a 3D video on the 8″ screen. Every few seconds I looked away. I had to look away, but I’m not sure why.

Video doesn’t bother me, no matter the screen size. And 3D doesn’t bother me; I’ve seen any number of 3D movies.  But there was something about the 3D video on such a small screen that I just couldn’t stand. I’ve done some googling on this, and I can tell that 3D tablets have been in the works for a while. Am I the first to look at one and get dizzy?

Does anyone know why it bothered me? I’m really curious about this.

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