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A New Contender For the Google Reader Crown – EldonReader

eldon readerTime is running out to find a replacement for Google Reader, and if you’re still looking then I have a new alternative for you.

The developers of EldonReader contacted me earlier this week. This is a brand-new, completely independent Google Reader alternative which has launched in the past few weeks. It’s still quite raw, and it is in fact missing a few basic features (importing feeds from GR, for example), but I think all options are worth looking at.

This news reader eschews the more colorful design of say Feedly in favor of a theme with muted colors, lots of white space, and a relatively uncrowded design. As you can see from the following screen shot, Eldon Reader offers a very Google Readeresque design, only without detailed info like unread post counts and without the compactness that this information junky would require.

eldon reader screen shot

At the moment EldonReader has but a single viewing mode which shows the full post/excerpt. For me that is going to present something of a problem, but since I can’t import my GR account I suppose the viewing mode doesn’t matter.

There’s really not too much to the app at the moment, but I am told that the developers are working to add new features. They have a road map which includes many of the features whose absence I noted above.

Eldon Reader is currently accessible in the web browser. There is also an Android app in Google Play, a Chrome app, and there are plans to release an app for the iPad and iPhone.

On a related note, if the screen shots for the Chrome app are to be believed that version of Eldon Reader has a far more magazine style layout than the Android app or the browser version. It might be worth trying if that is your thing.


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Guillaume May 24, 2013 um 1:54 pm

I’m currenty trying , and I like it more and more.
It’s fast, the interface is compact, and it loads automatically comments from some blog posts.

Since it’s now have a google reader comaptiable API, I expect to be able to use it with mobile apps

EldonReader July 3, 2013 um 4:30 am

I am happy to inform you that “the basics features” you talked about have been added to the app which has today very good feedback. Yes the article have been wrote only few weeks before the launch of the beta version and we want to thank you for your comment which helped us improve the app. You may try it again and see by your own how different it is now;)

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