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A Quarter of college students would give up sex if it meant no more textbooks

Kno, maker of the Kno digital textbook app, have just released the results of a survey showing that 71% of college students want to adopt digital textbooks.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Kelton Research, during July 2011. A total of 506 college students were polled, and around 87% reported having to cut back on living expenses in order to pay for textbooks.

The survey also found that fully 3/4 of students reduced their entertainment budget so they could pay for textbooks, while 57% gave up their spring break trip. What surprising (to me, at least) is that 45% have had to cut back on food in order to pay for textbooks.

The students were also willing to go to some extreme measures if it meant they could avoid carrying textbooks. A third would rather take 8am classes every day for their entire college career rather than carry textbooks around, and about the same number would give up their Saturday night plans, if it meant no more physical textbooks.

And yes, a quarter of students claimed that they’d give up sex if it meant they wouldn’t have to deal with physical textbooks.

images by Daniel and Merriwyn, Todd Huffman

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karen wester newton July 27, 2011 um 12:23 am

It’s probably the 25% who weren’t getting any anyway. -)

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