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Adobe Acrobat Reader Can Scan Docs With Your Smartphone’s Camera

Do you know how you can use note-taking apps like Evernote and OneNote to take a photo with your smartphone and then annotate it?

Now you can do the same with the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.


Adobe rolled out an update today for its app for the iPad and iPhone which works with a phone’s camera to enable users to snap a photo of a picture, shopping receipt, tax document, whiteboard, form, or note, and save it as a PDF. Users can also take photos of multiple document pages, combine them into a single PDF, and reorder as desired.


According to the announcement on Adobe’s blog, the new scan feature is powered by Adobe Sensei, a new framework and set of intelligence services built into Adobe’s online services.

In the case of Scan in Reader mobile, Adobe Sensei works in the background to automatically detect document boundaries, correct perspectives, enhance text sharpness and make everything beautiful, usable and digital.

The iOS app is getting the feature today, but according to the relevant Googple Play listing the Adobe Acrobat Android app has the same functionality. You can find the app in iTunes and Google Play.


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