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Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.3 Update Adds MathML, Better Support for Audio and Video

Adobe Digital EditionsAdobe’s rolled out a new updtae this week for its flagship Epub app today.

According to the changelog, the update makes a couple changes to the interface, fixes a bug with deauthorized computers, and adds support for a few additional features from the Epub3 spec.

Adobe DE 4 now supports new ways to navigate ebooks, and it can also finally display equations in MathML. There’s also mention that video and audio content can be progressively downloaded, freeing up a reader to start watching immediately.

You can download the app from Adobe. Given that previous versions came bundled with free spyware, I am choosing to abstain.


  • Support is now available for navigational items like Landmarks, Pages list, Images list and Tables list.
  • MathML support is now available for ADE on Windows.
  • Audio and video content in the eBooks can be progressively downloaded on all platforms.
  • Erasing the authorization of this computer adds one more to your number of allowed authorizations.
  • An intuitive popup box for controlling media overlays.
  • The Scrubber bar can be used to navigate to pages across eBooks.
  • Full support for EPUB’s Fragment Identifier.
  • Full support for all input types in eBooks.

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neuse river sailor February 12, 2015 um 4:53 pm

"Given that previous versions came bundled with free spyware, I am choosing to abstain."

Exactly. Let’s give the hackers some time to tear this thing apart and see just what’s in there. The change log may not tell the full story.

Reader February 13, 2015 um 10:27 am

“Given that previous versions came bundled with free spyware, I am choosing to abstain.”

While I don’t have Adobe Digital installed on my computer, I have installed Calibre, which includes EPub. Am I still vulnerable to potential spyware from Adobe with this setup?

Nate Hoffelder February 13, 2015 um 10:40 am


Michael February 17, 2015 um 1:42 pm

"MathML support is now available for ADE on Windows"

This is one of the issues with their choice to use the Internet Explorer engine on Windows, Webkit on Mac. Support for some of the features of Epub3 just isn’t there in IE, even in the most recent versions, and has to be shimmed in.

Jack May 12, 2015 um 10:45 am

Anyone have a short ebook showing an example MathML in ADE?

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