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AirBook City LED – Frontlight, Audio, $86

The Ukrainian company Airon has a new ereader out, the AirBook City LED, which is priced to compete with the basic Kindle and yet still manages to outperform Amazon’s cheapest ereader in the specs dept.


The AirBook City LED sports a 6″, 1024 × 758 resolution screen  with a frontlight but no touchscreen. Instead it has a d-pad and menu buttons below the screen, and page turn buttons to either side of the screen.

It comes with 4GB internal storage, a microSD card slot, and a 1.5Ah battery. According to the press release, the AirBook City LED supports 20 ebook formats, but all that really means is that it supports many formats badly, so I wouldn’t count that as a feature.

But on the plus side the AirBook City LED does have a headphone jack and play wav or mp3 files.

Retail is 2299 UAH, or about $86.

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