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Akademos to launch reading app w\textbooks from Flat World Knowledge

Akademos, a specialist in providing digital bookstores and markets to schools, announced today that they were expanding into reading apps. The education reading app market just got that much more crowded.

The new app will let Akademos' partners access both paid and free content from a variety of sources. It will support both traditional publishers as well as OER content providers such as Connexions Consortium, World Public Library, Project Gutenberg, and many others. The app supports Epub, and it allows students to create notes, highlight, annotate, and collaborate with fellow students. And those students who would also like a print copy of the text can easily order one directly through the app itself.

They also announced their first OER partner, Flat World Knowledge . This is a publisher and distributor of textbooks which are free to read online and can be bought as paper or digital. The new app will have access to 40 titles from Flat World Knowledge.


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