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Aldiko Plans to Release Reading App for iPad, iPhone.

aldiko iphone 6One of the best ebook apps for Android will shortly be coming to the iPad and iPhone.

Details are still scarce, but on Thursday the official Aldiko account tweeted:

Edit: Tiffany Wong of Aldiko told me the app is in the hands of Apple, and is under review. It will go live as soon as Apple gives it the nod.

Aldiko is one of the better third-party ebook apps available, but for the five plus years since I first heard about it, this app has only been available on Android.

That limitation stemmed not from platform ideology but from limited resources. Aldiko was supported by a small team of developers, and they just didn’t have the resources to support two platforms.

That changed last May when Aldiko was acquired by Feedbooks. One of the explanations for the deal was that it allowed Feedbooks and Aldiko to pool their resources so that, for example, Aldiko could produce an iOS app.

It’s now 14 months later and the app is almost ready to be released.


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Doug August 4, 2015 um 8:26 am

Maybe it’s just me, or some bad luck, but every time I’ve tried Aldiko it gave me a lot of trouble. I finally just uninstalled the thing.

Nate Hoffelder August 4, 2015 um 9:36 am

Perhaps it was a device conflict? I’ve never had that kind of issue.

Purple lady August 4, 2015 um 2:46 pm

How is this one of the best ebook apps? It insists on creating its own copy of the epub file. It also can’t even display italics properly. I chose to use a custom font Verdana and italics are displayed in some serif font. I did supply all four ttf files.

Nate Hoffelder August 4, 2015 um 3:02 pm

I didn’t know about the problem with the fonts; did you enable publisher settings?

As for copying the ebook, I like that trick. It means I can add or remove a folder of ebooks without impacting the ebooks loaded into Aldiko.

Purple lady August 4, 2015 um 3:29 pm

I have to turn off publisher formatting to change the font. That’s another problem with this app. I should be able to use publisher formatting as a starting point and be able to change font, margins, and global justification.

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