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Algérie Télécom Launches Arabic-Only Subscription eBookstore

algerietelecomlogo[1]Few telecoms succeeded in running their own ebookstore, and there is still doubt about subscription ebooks, but Algérie Télécom is one to take chances.

This company has just launched its second ebookstore. carries only Arabic titles, and rather than focus on literature and fiction the bulk of its catalog falls into the categories of management, science, business, sociology, law, and personal development.

The site carries 30,000 Arabic language titles which can be read in either Android, iOS, or Windows apps. Curiously, the ebooks are not sold but are instead access through a subscription.

A little digging has revealed that the apps are the work of an ebook company which is new to me. New Thinkers Company has seven ebook apps in Google Play, and close to 3 dozen apps and games in iTunes. I think they are all in Arabic, but I am not sure.

As I sit here looking at the apps in iTunes, I get the impression that NTC developed both the apps and the ebookstore as a single platform, and then licensed it to other companies including Algérie Télécom.

In fact, is a rebranded version of NTC’s ebookstore, NooonBooks.COM. The latter site is an actual ebookstore, while the former appears to only offer an annual subscription rather than sell ebooks individually. (One version of the site lists prices, but the other does not.)

And to be clear, NTC claims the DotCOM site, while Algérie Télécom says it owns the DotDZ site.

According to my source, this is Algérie Télécom’s second ebookstore. The first store, Fimaktabati, was developed in partnership with CyberLibris and also operates on a subscription basis.


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