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Amazon Expands Their Content Licensing Arm With Veronica Mars, GI Joe

Amazonkindleworldslogo._V383881373_[1] Publishing announced this morning that they had secured new licensing deals with Warner Brothers, Hasbro, Valiant Entertainment, and best-selling authors Marcus Sakey and Theresa Ragan.

Indie authors will shortly be able to submit stories based in the worlds of GI Joe, Ravenswood, Veronica Mars, The Abnorm Chronicles, and others, and if the works are accepted by the original creator and Kindle Publishing the indie authors will have the option of selling their work in the Kindle World Store.

While many refer to Kindle Worlds as fan fiction, the approval requirements make this much more of a licensing deal, not fanfic – much less self-pub.

Amazon announced the Kindle Worlds publishing imprint in May 2013, and opened it to the public about a month later. Amazon hasn’t shared much in the way of detail about Kindle Worlds, but a brief check of the website tells us thati n the past 7 months Amazon has published around 400 works in nearly 20 unique worlds based on popular book series like Barry Eisler’s John Rain series, movies, tv series, and now a doll.

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