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Amazon Enables Bulk App Purchases for Kindle Fire HD

welcome[1]It’s been some 5 months since Amazon launched Whispercast, their online tool for managing books and documents across an organization’s Kindles, and today the service is getting an update that will allow it to distribute apps as well.

In a move which I believe is targeted more at schools than anything, Amazon is now enabling organizations to place a single bulk order for an Android app in the Amazon Appstore and then deploy those apps across a number of Kindle Fire tablets quickly and easily.

Why schools (and not businesses)? I would bet that a school would have a greater need to lock down a fleet of Kindle Fires in order to prevent users from buying apps on the school’s account. This would be part and parcel with the school’s need to restrict web browsing and other activities in order to comply with federal regulation.

With this new ability schools and other organizations will also be able to buy and send apps to a user’s own Kindle Fire. It will need to be registered with the Whispercast account, but once a given Kindle Fire is registered it will be possible for a Whispercast admin to buy and gift an Android app which will show up in the user’s existing Amazon account.

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