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Amazon filed a trademark for Lab126 & logo – Could this mean the tablet is coming?

Well, no. But I’m sure a lot of bloggers will spin it that way.

Geekwire noticed that Amazon filed for a few new trademarks last week. Both of the really interesting ones had to do with Lab126, the designer of the Kindle (as well as the mythological Amazon Tablet). One patent covers the name and the other covers the logo for Lab126 (at left).

Lab126 were founded back in 2006 as Amazon’s main developer for the Kindle. They’ve had this name and logo since I first heard of the company in 2007, and really the only bit of news is that Amazon took so long to register the trademark.

I suppose that it never really mattered; Lab126  were little more than an internal department. They were created as a separate company for organizational reasons, not so they’d have a separator market presence. But I really thought it had been registered years back.

Of course, this might mean that Amazon might plan to give Lab126 a more visible market presence. But that still wouldn’t necessarily indicate a tablet.

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