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Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Update v5.1.2 Lets You Store Audiobooks On Your MicroSD card

fire tablet familyAmazon just finished rolling out an update which gave 2014-model-year Fire tablets access to all the latest features of Fire OS Bellini. That removed most Fire HD6, HD7 tablet owners interest in upgrading to the latest hardware, but this week Amazon released a new Fire tablet update which will bring back the familiar itch.

According to the changelog which appeared on my tablet last night, Fire update v5.1.2 "includes general improvements and performance enhancements". Amazon doesn’t get into specifics on what they improved and enhanced, but the log does note that you can now store Audible audiobooks on the Fire tablets microSD card (if your tablet has a card slot, of course).

I currently use a Fire HD7, myself, so this news does little for me, but anyone who owns Amazon’s latest generation tablets are going to love it. They’re no longer going to have to manage their internal storage carefully just to make sure they don’t run out.

In fact, it’s almost as if Amazon read my post last month on streaming audiobooks on the iPhone and iPad, realized Audible had the same problem of insufficient storage on the Fire tablet, and decided to fix the underlying issue.

Now if only Amazon would do the same for Kindle ebooks. Those still have to be stored on the Fire tablet’s internal storage, and that’s an issue if you want to carry around a large library or more than a handful of really large Kindle ebook files. (Video and audio enhancements take up a lot of space.)

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Timothy Wilhoit March 23, 2016 um 9:52 am

The Windows Audible app lets you choose an sd card or the streaming option as well. If you have a 256 GB SSD, that space savings makes quite a lot of difference.

Fire Tablet Update | The Digital Reader May 21, 2016 um 11:27 pm

[…] last major update to the Fire tablet let you save internal storage by storing audiobooks on the microSD card. Now Amazon is expanding that option to include […]

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