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Amazon Gives UK Prime Members Early eBook Access with Kindle First

kindle firstAmazon has made it a little sweeter today to be an  Amazon Prime member in the UK. Following only a couple weeks after the UK launch of Kindle Unlimited, Amazon expanded their Kindle First Program into the UK today.

Amazon’s UK customers can now download one of four ebooks published by Amazon a month before it is officially released.  The limit is one download per customer, and they’re being sold cheap.  Prime members can get the ebook for free, and the rest of Amazon’s customers can get the ebook for 99 pence – about 75% off retail.

Curiously, the US Kindle First program is limited to only Prime members. Do you think this is a sign that could change?

Amazon has never revealed just how many US customers participate in the Kindle First program here in the states, but we do know that the program has proven popular enough that the freebies distort the Kindle best seller list, so much so that DBW started filtering out said titles.

There’s a high probability that this program will have a similar effect on the UK best seller list, boosting the profile (and sales) of books published by Amazon.


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