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Amazon Has a 4th Tablet On the Way (Possibly a Smaller Model)

It looks like Amazon wasn’t done leaking their new tablet hardware when they gave us specs and an image this morning, because new images have come to light.

AFTVnews has discovered four thumbnail images on Amazon’s servers which are likely the new family of Fire tablets (1, 2, 3, 4). The thumbnails are too small to show any real detail, and the images don’t have any useful detail, but the existence of the image and their file names provide useful clues.

fire tablet family

If you click through the links in the above paragraph, you’ll see tiny images with unique file names.

This could be a stretch, but I think we can match three of the images with the three sets of specs that Amazon has leaked over the past week. Here’s how.

The specs came with unique model numbers, all starting with KFF (6.7″ screen), KFM (8″ screen), or KFT (10″ screen). The four images have unique file names (fs-a, fs-f, fs-m, and fs-t), with fs-a being the smallest and the only tablet to show a 4:3 screen geometry.

This suggests that three of the images (fs-f, fs-m, and fs-t) belong to the three leaked specs, and that "fs-a" does not.

That leads to the conclusion that Amazon has an even smaller tablet in the works, one with a model number KFA_WI. This could be the $50 budget 6″ tablet we’ve heard about, but it might also be even smaller.

It’s not out of the question for Amazon to release an even smaller PDA-sized device as an iPod Touch competitor, possibly with a 5″ or 4.3″ screen. But we won’t know for sure until the next leak, or until Amazon formally launches the devices.

That might even happen tomorrow. AFTVnews is also reporting today that Amazon is launching the Fire TV tomorrow, and I think they’re right. We might also see the tablets  (it is unlikely, though).



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3drj September 16, 2015 um 4:08 pm

You’ve tested a 4.3 inch mini tablet in the past ( Such a thing could certainly be produced for less than $50, since it could apparently be done back then. The screen should be improved though, IIRC, since I think you found it had constrained viewing angles. Increase resolution to 800×600 pixels and use an IPS display or better and you’d look at a screen area as seen on the Pyrus mini, which is actually pretty comfortable for reading

Nate Hoffelder September 16, 2015 um 5:10 pm

I hadn’t thought of that device.

It was pretty junky and cost close to $50 anyway, but the original hardware is close to three years old. Amazon could do a lot better and still get it under $50.

Excellent suggestion.

Anne September 17, 2015 um 6:53 am

I’ll be stalking your blog for more info on the smaller tablet (if the rumor is true). The smaller size is intriguing. I only hope the specs are decent.

I like the size of the Fire HD 6, but I would certainly not buy another model that was slower or possibly had worse battery life. The Fire HD 6 is already slow with poor battery life. Cheaper does not mean better. I was hoping they would produce a better quality Fire HD 6, not a cheaper one.

Nate Hoffelder September 17, 2015 um 9:15 am

The tablets just went live. There’s a 6″ tablet, and a $50 7″ tablet.

Tim Wilhoit September 17, 2015 um 9:44 am

The 10.1″ tablet would be a definite purchase for me if it weren’t for the 149 PPI screen. Without a decent screen, there’s no point in even considering this tablet. I’ll keep what I have. The Fire TV looks good, preordered it.

tr September 17, 2015 um 10:47 am

Seriously, 1280 x 800 pixels on a $200+ tablet in late 2015? What did they smoke?

What’s also weird: On, the tablets are "almost 2x more durable than the latest iPad Air", while on, marketing is more specific and only claims "1.8 times as robust as the iPad Air 2". Also, the 7″ Fire is $49 on but €59.99 on, while the 10.1″ model is $229 on but €199,99 on So you can get larger tablets for less on but must pay more for smaller models.

And you said in your last comment, that there is a 6″ tablet. Have I overlooked it or did you mean the old Fire HD 6 model that’s still sold?

Nate Hoffelder September 17, 2015 um 10:55 am

Yes. i was referring to the older tablet.

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