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Amazon Has Retired KindleGen

I was just catching up with the #ePrdctn tag over on Twitter when I read that Amazon has removed the KindleGen ebook-creation tool from its website.

I checked the page in question, and he is correct. Amazon has removed the KindleGen download links and replaced them with a notice which reads:

KindleGen is no longer available for download. Please use Kindle Previewer to convert, preview, and validate your eBooks. Kindle Previewer provides the same functionality of KindleGen and, in addition, provides:

  • Latest Kindle Conversion software that provides up-to-date validation for Enhanced Typesetting books (currently available for books in all languages except Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Russian).
  • Choice of using in Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a visual inspection of your book, or, Command Line Interface (CLI) mode for bulk validation.
  • Faster preview and validation with features like thumbnails, auto-previews, and filters for pages with images, tables, drop caps, and links.

Click here to visit the Kindle Previewer product page

KindleGen was a command-line tool for creating Kindle ebooks. I beleive it launched around 2009, when it was a niche tool which was overshadowed by existing tools such as Mobipocket Creator. It was repeatedly updated over the years, but I don’t think it ever lost its status as a niche tool (there were always dozens of tools which could make Kindle ebooks).

I can’t tell you the last time I used KindleGen; I think it would have to be when I tested it to report on support for Russian. (This was all the way back in 2013!) I never found much use for the tool, but I understand that some publishers had integrated KindleGen into their production process. (Although I am not sure how many did; back when I paid more attention to this, I usually heard calibre mentioned instead.)

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tony 5 September, 2020 um 3:01 pm

The 64-bit version apparently lives on in the Kindle Previewer package. That’s where, according to Literature and Latte’s forum, Scrivener now finds it.
If anyone’s interested…

Nate Hoffelder 5 September, 2020 um 4:03 pm


Aaron 8 September, 2020 um 7:58 pm

that’s really good to know. As someone who used KG as part of their command line workflow I was stressing about this, but it seems all I have to do is change my path to the KG file in the KP3 package and it runs as smoothly as 2.9.

Aaron 17 September, 2020 um 5:29 pm

Interesting, I figured this was at least a 3.0 release of KG, but its not, it’s just a 2015 version of 2.9 (the retired 2.9 download was c. 2012-2013). If the 64-bit is the only difference, why not just keep offering it as a download?

Hermes Passer 29 October, 2020 um 10:40 am

Good to know, i still use it in my command line scripts

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