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Amazon is Hiring New Staff for Brazilian Kindle Store

It looks like Amazon’s plans for their São Paulo based operations are picking up steam. In the past few weeks they’ve posted a number of new job listings for Brazil and now have a total of 16 positions open.

In addition to hiring managers for the retail website and AWS, Amazon is also looking for a tax expert and managers for the warehousing and shipping parts of the operation.


But the one job listing I am most interested in is the management position for Kindle Products. This listing only went up on Friday, and that makes me wonder if perhaps Amazon isn’t nearly as far along in launching the Brazilian Kindle Store as I had thought.

The latest rumors suggest that will start a local Kindle Store in Brazil this month, but now I’m not so sure that is true. If Amazon is still working to fill core positions in management then they might not be staffed well enough to be ready to launch.

Up until this point I knew of only a single Kindle manager in Brazil. His name is Mauro Widman, and his job was to recruit publishers. He’s been at his post since January of this year.

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