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Amazon is Now Selling Kindles via

It may have taken Amazon some time to offer Kindle hardware next to the Kindle ebooks they have been selling on their Canadian retail site for the past 6 weeks, but today they caught up with themselves.

kindle canada

A press release went out today trumpeting the news that Canadian’s will no longer have to order their Kindles from the US website or buy them at a local retailer. The 2012 black basic Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite are available on Prices start at $89 CDN for the K4, and the KPW costs $139 (Wifi) and $199 (3G).

Amazon’s Canadian Kindle Store has seen its share of controversy since it opened. Over the past week a number of Canadian Kindle owners have complained about not being able to buy ebooks on while at the same time feeling pressured to switch their accounts to

Fortunately new reports from this morning are now suggesting that Amazon may have decided to stop pressuring Kindle owners to switch from one site to another. That’s good because the Canadian Kindle Store has a more limited selection of content, fewer features, and is also missing buying options like Kindle Serials and periodical subscriptions.

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Alexander Inglis January 24, 2013 um 12:25 pm

I purchased the Kindle Daily deal on today with no problem. I have not yet switched to for ebooks.

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