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Amazon is Opening a Retail Store in Delta City

Amazon’s brick and mortar retail empire is gaining another foothold in Detroit.

There’s been no announcement yet, but the retail giant is currently hiring for Key Holder and Retail Lead positions in its Amazon Retail division. Both jobs are based in Detroit, but that is about all I can say at this time.

It is not clear at this time whether this will be an Amazon Go location, or an Amazon 4-Star. I checked for building permits, and the only ones I found were for Amazon’s office at 150 W Jefferson.  That was called a tech hub when it opened in 2015, and while there are retail spaces at that address I would not assume that’s where Amazon is going to open their store.

Amazon currently has three 4-Star locations in Colorado, New York, and Calif.; thirteen Amazon Go locations in Chicago, Seattle, NYC, and San Francisco, and 19 Amazon Books scattered across the country. They also have 4 "Presented by Amazon" kiosks in malls.

The most likely possibility is that this will be another 4-Star store, although of course that is pure speculation at this time.

I have brought the job openings to the attention of several local Detroit reporters. Let’s see what they can turn up.

image by nic_r via Flickr

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