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Amazon is Testing Bulk eBook Bundles in Japan

How would you like to have the option of buying an entire series with a single click?

If Amazon’s latest program catches on, you might. The retailer is now testing a new section of the Kindle Store in Japan called Kindle Buying Corner.

Update: Amazon is also testing bundles in the Kindle Store on

ITMedia reports that Amazon is selling bundles of single issue comic books. A total of 10 bundles are currently being offered. The bundles consist of 15 to 25 consecutive titles from a single series, and are being sold at a 10% to 15% discount. If a reader already owns one of the titles from the bundle, it is excluded from the sale to avoid duplicate purchases.

kindle buying corner

It’s not clear why Japanese publishers don’t bundle the single issues into a graphic novel, like what we would see here in the US, although I suspect that the lower selling price of said novel might be the issue.

In any case, this bundle offer is a good way for readers who buy the single issues to fill in the holes in their collection in a single purchase.

Bundles are still a rare thing in ebooks, where you’re more likely to see ebooks collected into an omnibus edition, with all the ebooks combined into a single file. It is used by several smaller retailers, including Baen Books, which offers a month bundle of upcoming and existing titles for $18.


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