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Amazon is Trying a New Page Layout in the Search Results

A keen-eyed member of the SPF group on Facebook has noticed that Amazon is beta-testing a new search result page.

As you can see in the above screenshot, some users are seeing results that show a price range rather than a single price. (When I tried to duplicate this, I got the older column of results rather than a grid.)

Every so often Amazon quietly starts testing one or more variations of existing pages. For example, a few weeks back we got a new layout for author pages.

Have you seen either of the new pages?

Thanks, Jack!

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Hannah Steenbock June 8, 2018 um 4:22 am

Yes, and I hate it.

I can’t even click on an author name to go to her page.

Straker June 8, 2018 um 9:46 am

Typo at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph.

Nate Hoffelder June 8, 2018 um 12:37 pm

that’s not a typo – it’s a character shift encryption algorithm

Purple lady June 8, 2018 um 12:36 pm

The first two books say the price starts at $0.00. That looks like it’s the Kindle unlimited "price". False advertising.

nf April 5, 2019 um 1:10 pm

Old article, but it just showed up today (4/5/19), and I hate the grid.

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