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The Amazon Kindle Gets a Torrent Client

As a general rule I’m not one to hack my ereaders, but I’m almost tempted to pull out my K3 just to install this hack.

One member of MobileRead Forums has just posted cTorrent, a new way for you to download files to your Kindle 3.  This app runs via the command line on a hacked K3 and it enables you to download large files direct to your Kindle.

The word Torrent has a bad name in many quarters and that’s unfortunate. It’s really nothing more than a set of technical protocols which allow you to transfer large files over the internet without corruption and without the need to maintain a continuous connection.  In addition to the well hyped pirates, torrents are also used  by all sorts of legitimate software developers and other content producers. It’s the easiest and cheapest way for them to distribute content to their users and customers.

The installation of this particular torrent client  is not all that difficult but operation looks to be somewhat complicated.  You’ll need to be familiar with typing on the command line as well as how to set options.

Okay, I’m not sure there will be much need for this, but it is cool.

via MobileRead

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cookie September 17, 2012 um 5:42 pm

Oh man, I bet that will be popular with about 10 people.

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