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Paul March 27, 2017 um 7:53 pm

If you have a paperwhite would you upgrade? I’m thinking not.

Nate Hoffelder March 27, 2017 um 9:56 pm

I would not.

Frank March 28, 2017 um 2:31 pm

If you have the 2012 Paperwhite then you can get a better screen/light with the Paperwhite 3. If you have the 2013 version, it is nearly the same

John March 28, 2017 um 2:34 pm

My first generation Paperwhite, bought immediately upon its release, is still going strong, works as well as it did when it arrived and I see no reason to upgrade, though the Voyage is tempting since I could get an additional $50.00 off through the Amazon trade-in deal for my old Paperwhite. The Oasis; no way ever, that thing is way overpriced.

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