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Amazon Knocked $20 to $50 Off the Price of the Kindle eReaders for Mother’s Day

Amazon is holding another of it periodic sales on the Kindle this week in honor of Mother’s Day, and this time around they are including the Kindle Oasis (that’s a first).

Gizmodo is saying that Amazon has also marked down the Kindle bundles, but I don’t think they’re really very good deals.


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Frank May 8, 2017 um 8:52 am

It is nice to see the Oasis discounted for the first time, however, it is only on the 3G model, that is a $60 extra cost. I have zero issues finding Wi-Fi when I travel.

John May 8, 2017 um 12:04 pm

It’s astonishing that there’s still a market for the 3G Kindles given the prevalence of WiFi these days. Also, paying extra for 3G-enabled Kindles adds to the weight compared to the coresponding WiFi models, 12g for the Paperwhite, 8g for the Voyage and 2g for the Oasis.

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