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Amazon Knocks the Basic Kindle Down to $49 (No Adverts)

We are smack dab in the middle of a sale on the Kindle Paperwhite ($99) and Amazon has apparently decided that two sales are better than one.

They have lowered the price of the basic Kindle to $49, and then they went one step better.  This sale price is for the model without Special Offers (ads), which means you are effectively getting another $15 off the regular price.

A good deal, no?


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Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt March 20, 2019 um 3:51 am

I got a Fire tablet to replace the Kindle which died – and wish I hadn’t. The Fire keeps wanting me to let it be a computer – while all I want is to read my books, which it keeps getting in the way of me doing by taking me everywhere except where I want to go.

It’s also at least twice as heavy as the Kindle it replaced.

I don’t need a tablet – just an ereader.

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