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Amazon to Launch Sunday Deliveries in St Louis in Mid-March

Reports 9424489094_238c24ed86[1]are coming in today that Amazon  is going to expand their Sunday delivery program into the St. Louis metro area sometime this month.

This program, which initially launched in November of last year, offers free Sunday delivery to Amazon Prime members. The service is currently only available in NYC and LA, but Amazon had previously announced plans to expand into new markets.

The news was initially reported on 15 February by The State Journal-Register, a local paper in Springfield, Ill., and it is being echoed today by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. According to the Journal-Register, Amazon has been meeting with Post Office managers for the Postal Service’s Gateway District, which covers the St. Louis region (including SW Illinois). Amazon has been working to iron out issues in preparation for a 16 March launch.

Some of the problems include reallocating equipment and staffing issues, and they reportedly delayed the launch of Sunday deliveries from the initial launch date of some time in February. The post office plans to hire nearly 80 employees for Sunday delivery of Amazon packages in St. Louis, which it is classifying as a same-day delivery option.

“If Amazon gives us a package early in the morning, we’ll delivery it that day,” said David Martin, district manager for the Gateway District in St. Louis. “Seven-day delivery is now a reality for us, and that’s our future.”

According to a recent newsletter from the local American Postal Workers Union, Amazon is expecting to deliver around 7 thousand packages each Sunday from 15 hubs in the region.

Amazon is not commenting on the story, so there’s no information yet on whether Amazon plans to simultaneously expand into other regions (there’s also no local coverage showing up in Google search). Amazon has said in the past that they want to expand the service into Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Phoenix.

A similar service is also available in 7 cities in the UK.

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