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Amazon to Launch Delivery Service in London

Amazon has beenamazon-uk[1] doing everything they could to make it easier for customers to ship their orders. This retail giant has installed delivery lockers in major metropolitan areas, hired couriers, offered same-day delivery, and earlier today they even announced a new partnership with USPS to offer Sunday delivery to Amazon Prime members.

And starting later this month Amazon will begin a Sunday delivery service in the UK. The WSJ broke the news:

Dave Clark, Amazon’s vice president of world-wide operations, said that later this month Amazon would also begin Sunday delivery in London, using its own trucks.

Adding an additional delivery day could help drive more users to Amazon’s $79-a-year Prime unlimited two-day shipping program, said Mr. Clark. Amazon doesn’t disclose its Prime membership rolls, though it said this month that those customers buy twice as many goods as customers opting for free shipping.

I am still seeking confirmation from Amazon, but at the moment I can add that the UK is Amazon’s second most important market after the USA. They’ve installed delivery lockers in London and elsewhere in the UK, so it would make sense that the retailer would launch a Sunday delivery service in the UK at the same time as in the US.

It’s also no surprise that Amazon is starting a Sunday delivery service; they ship so many packages on a daily basis that owning or controlling the shipping service simply makes just as much sense as Amazon owning their own warehouses. As Felix said in response to the previous post:

I’ve long been saying that at some point Amazon is going to have to either buy or build a home delivery network. A merger with UPS makes the most sense since both do a lot of B2B logistics in addition to their consumer operations but picking up the USPS’ ballooning excess capacity would also work, I suppose. I *have* seen at least one report that Amazon might buy USPS outright but it was more of an urban legend than a rumor.

There’s no info on the website on when the UK service might start, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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