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Amazon Launches Telugu Language Online Bookstore

22537168577_ae78bc307c_hAmazon is still strictly limiting the number of languages supported on the Kindle platform, but they’re not placing any such restrictions on the paper books they sell.

Tines of India reports that Amazon opened a new online bookstore in India on Monday, this time for Telugu, a language with around 75 million native speakers:


E-commerce portal today announced the launch of a dedicated online Telugu book store with a wide range of over 10,000 Telugu titles.

The assortment of Telugu books offers a wide selection ranging from classics, literature, fiction, biographies, business and finance, self-help, cook books and children’s books all at great prices clubbed with the convenience of getting them delivered at the customer’s doorstep, the company said in a release.

… Readers can get their hands on Telugu translations of English bestsellers such as The Secret and Scion of Ikshvaku, it added.

This is at least the third online bookstore Amazon launched in recent months; Amazon’s  other new bookstores include Gujarati and Bengali.

"With the launch of the Telegu store, we have a total of 8 dedicated bookstores to cater to our customers' requirements," Amazon India Director Category Management Noor Patel said.

Amazon’s other bookstores in India include Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati and Bengali languages, as well as English.

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