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Amazon Opened a Bookstore in Nashville Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Amazon opened its 21st bookstore in Nashville TN last Friday, only 3 days after opening a store in Arizona.

The Nashville store is located in the Green Hills mall, and judging by the photos it would appear to depart from the books plus general merchandise mix found in other stores, and instead focuses on stocking more merchandise than books.

There are few first-hand accounts, though, so that impression might be mistaken. (If you have time to visit the store, I would love to hear what you think.)

The Tennessean reports that that the books in the store were chosen by a team of curators based on customer ratings, pre-orders, sales, popularity on Goodreads and Kindle reading behavior, according to a media release. Each is rated four stars and above or is a top seller or new release.

Amazon opened its first bookstore in 2015, and now has stores across the country, from Seattle to DC, and New Jersey to San Diego.

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