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Amazon Opens Kindle Store on Amazon.In, Finally Sells Kindle eReaders and Kindle Fire HD Tablets There

kindle basic india smallHere’s a fun bit of news today.

It looks like Amazon has worked the bugs out of their Indian operation. They’ve just launched a new section on for the Kindle Store, and at the same time they have added new hardware listings for the Kindle ereaders and KFHD tablets.

The basic Kindle is available now, with prices starting at 5999 rupees ($103 USD). Amazon is also going to sell the Kindle Paperwhite and the KPW 3G model. They won’t ship until 27 June, but they can be pre-ordered for and 10,999 rupees ($190 USD) and 13,999 rupees ($241 USD).

kindle basic india

The Kindle Fire HD is going to be available on 27 June. The 7″ model is going to sell for 15,999 rupees ($276 USD). The larger KFHD 8.9 is going to ship the same day and sell for 21,999 rupees ($379 USD)

The Kindle Store launched in India in August 2012, and Amazon announced that the Kindle Fire hardware was available globally (including India) last month.

Amazon was already selling this hardware to Indian customers, and they even had a local retail partner carrying the Kindle ereaders. In fact, that retail partner is the one technically selling the Kindle hardware on, not Amazon. Thanks to Indian government regulations on foreign owned businesses Amazon can only sell directly to consumers if they source 30% of their material from Indian companies. Given that the Kindle is made in China that regulation is something of a problem, and as a result Amazon has to use a local retail partner to act on their behalf.

I have to say that it was a surprise last week when opened for business without Amazon’s own hardware. But now we know clearly that was due to a snafu and not a long term plan.


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SteveH June 13, 2013 um 1:58 pm

Also of note for publishers; The KDP dashboard for sales tracking is now splitting off sales occuring at into a separate report for June sales going forward. (instead of being lumped into the numbers)
Nice to see that finally.

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