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Amazon Passes Apple, Hulu to Become Third Biggest Streaming Video Service in the US

Amazon has qwilt1[1]never said just how many of their customers are signed up for the $99 a year Prime membership but it seems seems quite a few are streaming videos.

According to the streaming video startup Qwilt, over the past year Amazon Instant Video has more than doubled in terms of its volume of streaming video traffic consumed by US broadband subscribers. The specific traffic details have not been disclosed, but Qwilt does say that Amazon is now second only to Youtube and Netflix in terms internet traffic.


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Ebook Bargains UK April 9, 2014 um 2:03 am

Sounds impressive until you look at the numbers. Assuming this report from Seeking Alpha is correct – –

then Amazon have just 3% market share compared to 57.4% for Netflix and 16.4% for Youtube.

If we were talking ebooks and a retailer was managing just 3% market share it would be dismissed as irrelevant. All the more so if the player managing only 3% had the brand recognition and ready-made customer base of the Zon.

It would appear (Seeking Alpha comments) Amazon has increased from 0.6% to 3% over twelve months. Netflix increased from 52% to 57.4% in the same period, so clearly Amazon is having no real impact twelve months on.

It will be interesting to see what spin Amazon and its cronies put on the UK video figures next year, now Amazon is finally streaming here. Netflix UK itself is struggling against Tesco Blinkbox, and the KindleFire has not taken off here in the way it has in the US, so Amazon faces an uphill struggle.

Nate Hoffelder April 9, 2014 um 7:31 am

Well, no, it didn’t sound impressive. I suspected that Youtube and Netflix were huge, so I am not surprised that upstart Amazon hasn’t passed them.

I wonder where seeking alpha got the info? While it feels accurate, it’s not publicly available.

Methods that Really Drive Free Traffic – My IM Journey April 10, 2014 um 5:56 am

[…] Amazon Passes Apple, Hulu to Become Third Biggest Streaming Video Service in the US […]

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