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Amazon Publishing Expands German-Language Publishing Imprints

It’s been someAmazonPublishing.jpg 9 months since Amazon Publishing announced the launch of Kindle Singles in Germany, and on Wednesday Amazon expanded their efforts with a new German-language publishing imprint.

The European Amazon Publishing team, which is led by Sarah Tomashek,  will acquire German-language fiction for publication as Kindle ebooks and print editions available on The team has already picked a number of titles for a Spring release, including:

  • Klang der Gezeiten (The Sound of the Tides), a new work of contemporary fiction from international best-selling author Emily Bold
  • A new murder mystery featuring Berlin police investigator Jan Tommen from best-selling author Alexander Hartung, and a new edition of the first book in the series, Bis alle Schuld beglichen (Until All Debts Are Cleared)
  • New York für Anfängerinnen (New York for Beginners), the romantic best-selling debut novel from FOCUS Magazine New York Bureau Chief Susann Remke

“We’ve been delighted with the reader response to the German translations released by Amazon Publishing, and are excited to have Publisher Sarah Tomashek and her team in Munich supporting our efforts to bring great works written in German to a wider audience,” said Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President of Kindle, EU.

Tomashek has worked for Amazon Publishing for 2009, and she has been leading this team since January 2014. Before that she spent 2 years at AmazonCrossing as an editorial leader and acquisitions editor. AmazonCrossing is dedicated to publishing translated works (both to and from English), thus giving Tomashek a good start on publishing German-language titles.

In fact, this new imprint builds on the success of AmazonCrossing, which had published German translations of selected English language works. Since launching in July 2012, six of the imprint’s titles have reached #1 on the German Kindle best seller list.

P.S. There’s no mention in today’s press release of the Kindle Singles program which launched in Germany late last year.  That efforted is headed by Laurenz Bolliger, formerly of DuMond, and it has been accepting and publishing original works since November 2013.

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