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Amazon Publishing France Names First Hire: Clément Monjou

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALlAAAAJDNlOWRmY2FkLTRlNDMtNGU4Ny1iZDc4LWZmYmZhOWI2NzNlYw[1]The whole of the French publishing industry fell into wrack and ruin today at the news that Amazon’s newest publishing venture.

Actualitte reports that Amazon Publishing France has made its first hire. Clément Monjou, formerly the editor of the ebook blog, is now the Senior Editor Original Manuscripts at Amazon Publishing France. He reports to Dominic Myers, head of Amazon Publishing Europe,  and according to Actualitte will have the task of "discover quality books to be translated and published in French ".

According to his Linkedin profile, Monjou has worked for Amazon for the past couple years, first with the Kindle Store and then with the Amazon Appstore, thus making the new job a lateral move within the company.  In short, Amazon has chosen to transfer internally rather than hire externally; make of that what you will.

The first two titles from APF (here, here) are French translations of English language works, and were released on 10 March. Three more titles are due out by the end of the month.

There’s been no formal announcement from Amazon, but Actualitte expects that will change later this week. The Paris Book Fair starts on Friday and runs through Monday, giving Amazon ample opportunity to be pilloried for its crimes against the French publishing industry.

I know, I know, I’m using strong words, it’s just that I am picturing how the French publishing industry and French govt regulators will respond. Amazon is terribly unpopular in France, so I don’t think today’s news will go over very well.

P.S. There’s no information at the time on the similar job openings with Amazon Publishing Spain.

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Loïc March 17, 2015 um 1:14 pm

As a French reader, I think this could be a revolution. As the publisher fixes the prices in France, the only way for Amazon to fight them with low prices is to be a publisher himself. They will be able to bribe authors with better royalties and achieve a leaner publishing structure than what currently exists in French publishers.
What would make me laugh damn hard, would be if a high selling french author was to become a Amazon exclusive. Marc Levy or Guillaume Musso are really popular, this would be fun.

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