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Amazon Put the Kindle Paperwhite, Voyage on Sale Today

kindlesAmazon is clearing out their warehouses today(*), and they’ve knocked $30 to $50 off the price of the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite.

The deal is only good for the refurnished models, but since they come with the same warranty as a new unit and that you can get a Paperwhite for the same price as a basic Kindle, that should not be an issue

(*)Or rather, Gizmodo called it a sale, but I’m not sure that these prices are lower than the usual.

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poiboy November 8, 2016 um 3:00 pm

a voyage for $120US. wow!

Frank November 8, 2016 um 4:05 pm

These refurnished device prices are slightly less than the normal price on them. It is normally $30 off the price, so regular price on Voyage Refurb is 170 and Kindle Paperwhite is 99, but there must be a lot of refurbs in the warehouse to get rid of.

Nate Hoffelder November 8, 2016 um 4:49 pm

Thank you.

BDR November 10, 2016 um 8:53 am

My experience is that "refurbished" is often just another word for used on Amazon. Expect battery problems and a much higher failure rate for these devices.

Check out the reviews for refurbished electronics before you decide that this is a great deal

poiboy November 10, 2016 um 8:26 pm

just like eric’s comment, i have owned 5 refurbished tablets and ereaders in my life and never had a single problem. they are usually just fine.. maybe you’ve just had had luck.

Eric November 10, 2016 um 12:35 pm

I’ve had a refurbished Kindle PW3 without any issues. A lot of these devices are mainly returns they can no longer sell as new. And while $120 is a great price for the Voyage, my problem with the Voyage, just like the Oasis is that it suffers from color issues. I have been through countless exchanges, i’d say about 6 or 7 echanges trying to find a decent screen with no color variation with no luck. Even at $120 I wouldn’t do it.

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