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Amazon Starts Black Friday Early, Puts Kindles on Sale at up to $30 Off

kindle-white-black-amazon Amazon has once again put the Kindle on sale, and this time the discount runs through 28 November.

The price of the basic Kindle has been reduced by $30, the Kindle Paperwhite was discounted $20, the Kindle Voyage’s price dropped$30, and the worry-free Kindle for Kids Bundle was reduced by $30 as well.

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Alfonse November 21, 2016 um 12:01 am

Do you think that Amazon will release new models for the holidays? Since if that’s the case, I think holding off on purchasing any new Kindles would be best.

Nate Hoffelder November 21, 2016 um 12:10 am


Well, if Amazon is going to release a new model, it will be out either Monday or Tuesday. They won’t want to miss too much of the holiday season.

But I would bet any amount you care to name that that won’t happen.

Frank November 21, 2016 um 9:26 am

In the last five years, new Kindles have come out in Oct or Nov if there was going to be a new one for the Holidays, so it is very unlikely a new one will come out next month.
It is possible there will be a new model next Spring 2017.

Robert November 21, 2016 um 3:53 pm

Kindle Oasis was released just this past April 2016…not last Oct/Nov.

Nate Hoffelder November 21, 2016 um 6:08 pm

Frank was making the point that Amazon had released Kindles in the fall before, and that we had already passed the probable release date.

He wa snot referring specifically to the Kindle Oasis.

Eric November 23, 2016 um 12:38 pm

Can’t go back to a 6″ Kindle after using the Kobo Aura one. It’s like downgrading from a 50″ HDTV in the living room to a 32″ with less specs. No way! Don’t care about Kindle sales.

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