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Amazon Student Launches in the UK

Amazon Amazon_Student_Logo[1]expanded their student discount program into the UK today.

British university students can now take advantage of 6 months of free and discounted shipping, followed by up to 4 years of half-priced Amazon Prime membership.

The students will first have to provide a school email address, and in addition to the discounts Amazon is also offering an extra 20% on books sold to the Amazon Trade-In program. Once the 6 months are up, the students then get access to the full Prime service, including both the free streaming video and the free Kindle ebook loans – all for £39 per year.

Amazon has long focused on recruiting college students as customers. They’ve been offering Amazon Student here in the US for at least 6 or seven years. That program is quite effective, and it even worked on a cheapskate like me.

Amazon has also lately been actively recruiting students by setting up booths on college campuses, including one at the University of Washington.  And the retailer has also been running a pilot test where the UC Davis bookstore acts as an Amazon affiliate. That pilot launched in September 2013, and is expected to run for the rest of the school year.


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