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Amazon to Open a Kindle Store in Brazil in November?

A new rumor is coming out of Brazil today. According to Veja Magazine, Amazon will launch a digital only venture in Brazil next month.

This launch will reportedly mirror the launch of the Indian Kindle Store a few months back. Amazon will only be selling Kindle ebooks in Brazil, not any physical products. That makes some sense; there’s no news yet that Amazon has opened a distribution center in Brazil.

Amazon’s physical plant isn’t expected to be up and running in Brazil until sometime next year.

That detail has been echoed by a number of sources and rumors, including one from Reuters which reported back in July. That rumor suggested an October or November launch, so it looks like at least this Amazon expansion rumor is about to come true.

And if it does then Amazon will have just missed beating Kobo to Brazil. The latest info says that Kobo’s partner Livraria Cultura will be selling Kobo ebooks and ereaders by the end of this month. That report has just 15 days left to come true. These kind of things tend to slip, so there’s still a chance that this will turn into a head-to-head race.

Amazon currently offers 6800 ebooks in Portuguese in the Kindle Store, a number far smaller than the 16 thousand odd Portuguese ebooks now available in Epub.

via Veja Magazine

image by Douglas Fernandes

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SteveH October 15, 2012 um 3:44 pm

Can’t wait… I also like that Kobo taps into the Hong Kong english market.
Curious though if anyone else has seen any Amazon ebook sales into India as of yet..?

Stasior moves to Siri, Kindle Smartphone, Brazil Kindle Store, and more October 15, 2012 um 6:02 pm

[…] Amazon opening in Brazil?  The Digital Reader reports on a Veja Magazine article that next month is the target date for opening a digital-only store in Brazil.  It appears this opening will be similar to the Kindle store opening in India several months […]

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