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Amazon to Launch its Mobile Games on iDevices

Amazon has long focused its gaming energies on the Fire tablets, TV, and Phone, but lately the company is showing signs of realizing there are other platforms out there. Amazon announced today that it’s bringing its games to Apple devices, as well.

No launch dates have been set, but Amazon has announced that 4 different Amazon Game Studios titles will be coming to iOS. This includes  the haunted adventure game Til Morning’s Light, the horror game Lost Within, arcade game To-Fu Fury, and colorful sci-fi adventure Tales From Deep Space. All four games were developed in partnership between Amazon and respected game studios like Wayforward Technologies and Frontier Developments.


What’s especially interesting about today’s news is that at least a couple of the games were exclusive to the Fire Phone;.To-Fu Fury used the Fire Phone’s faux 3D trick to let players look around corners. Til Morning’s Light was also described as a Fire Phone exclusive, although that game doesn’t appear to be available anywhere at the time (even though it was announced in October 2014).

Lost Within is similarly unavailable on any platform (according to Amazon Game Studios).


It looks to me like Amazon has made an abrupt about face in its exclusivity policy.  It’s decided that throwing money at the Fire Phone is a waste, so it will instead try to recoup its investment by launching the games on as many platforms as practical.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the games also show up in Google Play in the near future.

The Verge

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