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Amazon to Open Bookstore in Nashville

Amazon may have abandoned plans for bookstores in Denver, Atlanta, and Boise last year, but they haven’t given up on the concept. Geekwire reports that Amazon plans to open a bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee.

The location is not listed on the Amazon Books page on, but Amazon Retail is hiring for a store in Nashville, and a local Nashville source reported that the bookstore will occupy a 4,600-square-foot space at the Mall at Green Hills. The store will be located in suite 216, but the mall has made it difficult to tell exactly where that is located.

The opening date has not been announced.

The first Amazon Books opened in Seattle’s University Village Mall in 2015. Eighteen additional stores have opened in the four years since, and now a 20th store is in the works.

I have to say I am surprised; when I reported on the three abandoned Amazon Books locations last December, I really thought that they indicated that Amazon had changed its retail strategies. Books are not a high margin niche, so it would have made a lot of sense for Amazon to choose a more profitable use for their retail locations.

Clearly my Magic 8 Ball is not to be trusted.

Amazon was not queried before this post was written; they have made it clear they do not want to respond to my emails, so I have stopped sending them.

image by shinya vla Flickr

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