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Amazon to Open Third Amazon Books in Portland

22537164217_77cc6767e1_hAmazon has opened or announced over a dozen unstore pickup locations in the past 18 months, but they’ve only announced two bookstores. Now we can report that a third bookstore is in the works, this time near Portland, Oregon.

Fortune has the scoop that Amazon’s third bookstore will be located in the Washington Square Mall in the suburb of Tigard, Oregon. The news was revealed by several job listings for managers and store clerks on the retailer’s employment website, and Amazon has confirmed the news in a statement. "We are excited to be bringing Amazon Books to Washington Square, and we are currently hiring store managers and associates. Stay tuned for additional details down the road."

Amazon has already opened one bookstore, in Seattle, late last year. They have also announced plans to open a store in San Diego, and hinted at plans to open one in Berlin. But the retailer has not said when it will be opening the stores, nor has it said how they will be used.

The job postings for the Portland store, however, suggest that it will be based on the same model as the Seattle store. That store, which is located in an upscale mall, carries a mixed stock of books and Amazon gadgets and is focused less on selling a lot of books than on gathering data on browsing behavior.

It stocks fewer books than most bookstores its size, and uses its space to place books face out on the shelves, rather than spine out. Each book has a shelf tag which contains a book’s rating and snippets of customer reviews. It does not, however, show the price. Customers are encouraged to use the Amazon app to check prices.

It is unknown whether the Portland store will follow the same model. Stay tuned.

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