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Did Amazon’s Mandatory Kindle Update Bork Your Kindle? Why Not Trade it in, and Get a Bonus $20 Credit?

3306769771_8b942cbeab_oI have a consolation prize for the Kindle owners who have seen their Kindle’s performance take a hit after they installed last month’s mandatory Kindle update.

In January Amazon expanded their electronics trade-in program with a $20 bonus credit for old Kindles. That bonus was set to end on 31 March (today), but earlier today I learned that Amazon is extending the credit indefinitely.

Simply fill out the appropriate form, send in your Kindle, and Amazon will credit you with a gift card on your Amazon account, and they’ll also give you a $20 credit which can be used towards the purchase of your next Kindle. (It’s a pity you can’t apply the credit to the Kindle you purchased last week.)

They’re not paying much for the oldest Kindle ($5, plus the bonus), but if you have a really old or non-working Kindle, or one with a broken screen, then this might be a better deal than recycling it or selling it on Ebay. But if you have a relatively recent Kindle in good working order and decent cosmetic condition, you could be better off selling it online. A 3-year-old Kindle Keyboard, for example, will only net you $20 from Amazon (plus the $20 bonus), but they’re going for $30 to $60 on Ebay.

It’s worth checking all of your options, and you certainly have the time to do so. Amazon’s bonus offer runs through the end of this year, and the $20 bonus credit has to be used by the end of February 2017.

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Bill Rosenblatt March 31, 2016 um 12:38 pm

No, it didn’t Bork my Kindle. It Garlanded it.

Sorry, couldn’t resist…

Nate Hoffelder March 31, 2016 um 1:14 pm

I googled, but can’t identify the reference. What does that mean?

fjtorres March 31, 2016 um 3:19 pm

It means payback is a… witch.

Do you know the origin of the term to Bork?
Republicans are trying do to Garland what democrats did to Bork.

Frank March 31, 2016 um 4:29 pm

Garlanding is referring to proposed Justice Garland, who is not even going to get a nominating hearing to see if can join the SCOTUS. Robert Bork at least got a hearing and vote, but he was had a lot of criticism. This is where the term "bork" came form.

Ellis March 31, 2016 um 3:23 pm

So … Amazon screws your device with an update but then generously agrees to pay you $20 for it.

Anyone else find that wrong? Despicable, even? Almost criminal, even.

Mary April 1, 2016 um 9:04 am

My devices were not Borked but I was less than happy about decrease of contrast on the Home page in list view on Paperwhites and Voyage. E-ink devices need MORE contrast, not less. Trading in would not solve this problem but it could be fixed with an update.

Straker April 1, 2016 um 9:57 am

I’m glad I pulled the trigger when they announced their original offer a few months ago. I got $30 for my graphite KKB with wifi. They’re only offering $19 now. I also got the $20 credit towards a new Kindle but didn’t use it since I already have a Voyage.

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