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Amazon’s NYC Store is Nowhere to be Found

bezos bath and beyondUnconfirmed rumors circulated last month that Amazon would be opening a store  in Manhattan, but with Thanksgiving only a week away that store is no where to be found.

Mike Cane stopped by 7 West 34th St, the supposed location of Amazon’s store, last week and was unable to find any sign of female warriors. Both of the street level storefronts were occupied by other retailers which showed no sign of vacating for Amazon:

While that is not definitive proof that Amazon isn’t moving in to that building, it did inspire me to look for confirmation of the original report (especially since Amazon did not confirm the report). I did some digging of my own, and much to my surprise I can’t find any sign of Amazon either.

Please note that I’m not saying that Amazon is not moving in, just that I can’t find any proof to show that they are. (Greg Bensinger broke the news in the WSJ, and to the best of my knowledge he has a perfect record for getting these kind of things right.)

But even though I think Greg is right, I still can’t find confirmation.

For example, when the rumor was first reported last month, Amazon did not confirm the news. Given that Amazon immediately confirmed the pop-up stores in San Francisco,  the fact Amazon said that "We have made no announcements about a location in Manhattan" could be a telling detail – maybe.

But again, that is not definitive, so rather than just repost Mike’s question I went looking for Amazon’s landlord. 7 West 34th Street actually has two property management companies leasing space. Vornado Realty Trust manages the office space on the upper floors as well as the retail space at street level, while the other (7 W New York) rents out show room space on the concourse levels.

Neither is returning my emails, so I can’t say for sure whether either party is Amazon’s new landlord. I also didn’t find any work permits or inspection permits which might coincide with Amazon moving in to their location, but TBH I could have missed something; that gov’t website was confusing at best.

What’s more, as of this morning Amazon was still saying that "We have made no announcements about a location in Manhattan". There’s also no mention on the website of a delivery location at that address.

In short, folks, Amazon might be opening a store in Manhattan but I cannot prove it.

I think they are, but in the absence of evidence all I can say is that we should wait and see.


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