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Amazon’s Rumored Set-Top Box to Ship With Netflix, Hulu Apps

No one amazon-tv[1]knows for sure whether Amazon’s rumored set-top box is going to be launching this Spring, but if it does show up a new rumor says that it will have Hulu and Netflix apps.

GigaOm reported late last night that the set top box, which they describe as a Roku competitor, will ship with apps for not one but two of Amazon’s competitor’s:

Amazon originally intended to launch its TV box in time for last year’s holiday season, but the launch got held up for unknown reasons. At the time, the New York Times reported that Amazon intended to ship the device with Netflix.

I’ve now confirmed that this will indeed be the case, and that Hulu Plus will be available through the device as well. However, some mid-sized, more niche-focused video publishers told me that they haven’t been asked to join. Netflix wasn’t available for comment on the subject, and Hulu and Amazon didn’t reply requests for comment.

The gadget is also reportedly going to ship with a remote control, which would make sense given its focus.

At this point there is exactly one piece of evidence that Amazon has a set top box in the works. That would be the Best Buy planogram which leaked a few weeks ago. That didn’t name the device, but it did show that Amazon was listed as having a Chromecast and Apple TV competitor. The planogram was dated in May, giving us a time frame for the launch, but it didn’t include any details other than that.

At this point there’s far more speculation and rumor concerning this device than there is real data, but as the launch date approaches that will change.


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