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Amidst Growing Publisher Interest, Scribd Adds Titles from National Geographic, Boosts Catalog to 500,000 Titles

MissiontoMars-196x300[1]Fresh from adding new ways to browse their catalog, Scribd has revealed this week that they have added new titles to their catalog. In addition to titles from OR Books, Princeton University Press, and Legend Press, Scribd is now offering titles published by National Geographic.

This organization is best known for its magazine, but it has also long been a publisher of books. Readers can now find a total of 48 books published by NG in Scribd’s ebook subscription service, including Buzz Aldrin’s plan for putting people on Mars.

“Scribd’s wide audience and established brand make them a natural partner. We are very pleased to be adding our books to their flagship subscription product and attracting new readers around the globe,” says Rachel Graham, Senior Director of Digital Book Publishing for National Geographic.

In related news, Scribd is also now boasting that they have over 500,000 titles in their catalog, including titles from National Geographic and other publishers which cannot be found in Kindle Unlimited. Scribd’s current count matches the catalog of their closest competitor, Oyster, which at last count also had 500,000 titles.

Both services have smaller catalogs than Kindle Unlimited, but on the plus side they have managed to sign major US publishers that have yet to ink deals with the dark side, including Wiley, Scholastic, and even a couple major US trade publishers, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster.

With speculation that Apple might be planning to launch an ebook subscription service, publishers are showing great interest in the idea. A recent survey by the BISG has shown 80% of US publishers believe subscription ebooks to be inevitable.

While only 7% of trade publishers who participated in the survey said that subscription services contribute significantly to their overall revenue today, over eight times as many (59%) expected that to change within the next five years.

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Felipe Adan Lerma August 9, 2014 um 1:13 pm

"80% of US publishers believe subscription ebooks to be inevitable" –

And those open to all authors and publishers without limiting exclusivity, seem to be growing ever popular.

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