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An Inside view of Borders

I know I’m posting a lot about Borders today, and I’ll try not to over do it. But this one is interesting.

A blog over on LiveJournal just came across my inbox today. It’s written by a couple of people who work at Borders, and at least one will be laid off when the store closes. It also seems to have an audience of Borders employees, which makes this blog one of the best sources for insider info that I’ve found anywhere.

Here’s a particularly good commentary on the company:

BGP, a stunning example of corporate Darwinism. Never before has there been a company with such an inverse relationship between salary and skill, between paycheck and ability. This is a place where the CEO recently said that the fate of the firm rest on the selling abilities of UNTRAINED MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS! this was their "PLAN"!!! I’m sure in the bowels of AA they are still saying that if the field workers could have just pushed those BR Plus cards harder….here’s hoping that the upper levels of Borders management NEVER get to do this to another group of 10,000 plus loyal, hardworking employees who worked their asses off and still couldn’t feed their families.

I don’t know what will happen to the bloggers once Borders go under, but I’m hoping they stick with it (and hopefully blog about B&N).

I Work at Borders

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