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And the Cherrypal scam continues

A few weeks ago I posted about how I had been scammed by Cherrypal, a company run by Max Seybold. I was inspired to write that post becuase Max had started a new scam, this time with an Android tablet.

Guess what? CrunchGear have noticed that at least one person didn’t get his tablet. It sounds like he got the same run around that I received.

The Cherrypal “Support” forum (if you can call it that: replies to questions are not permitted, except by the Administrator, and it appears to actually be a polling platform) is increasingly showing posts from people who have received neither their Cherrypad nor their tracking number. In response, the Administrator claims the delay was caused by a typhoon in the Philippines and that everything is fine and users in California and Italy have received their units. Oh, and the “forum” cleverly substitutes the word “issue” when one types “scam”.

I take that back; Max has clearly stepped up his game.

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