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Is Anyone Having Trouble Visiting This Blog from a Mobile Browser?

It looks like I am still experiencing complications from switching webhosts.

Several readers informed me yesterday that they were having trouble viewing this blog in a mobile web browser. Specifically, it was showing up as a blank white page:

Your site isn’t showing up at all on mobile browsers (tried on Opera and Chrome for Android). Just showing a white screen. I thought the site was down for days until I tried on a desktop.

If you are reading this then I figured out the problem and the temporary fix is in place.

It turns out that, when redirecting my website to use a new nameserver, I forgot to also do something about the mobile site at That is the URL for my mobile site, which used to use a mobile friendly theme, and I completely forgot about it this past weekend.

I just went in and added that URL, and for the moment it redirects to the regular blog theme. This is not particularly mobile friendly, sorry, but it’s what I can do this immediate second to replace the blank page. I would like to offer readers a more mobile friendly theme but I can’t find a way to do that. The trick I was using doesn’t work any more.

My long term plans include switching to a new blog theme which will be responsive, but it’s not done yet. Again, sorry.

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Nighty June 5, 2014 um 1:27 pm

Kewl, it’s working again. I thought it was my phone since it worked on the same browsers on the tablet (at first I thought it was related to the webhost change but when I checked on the tablet and it worked I figured it was the phone).

I don’t mind using the desktop site especially as HTC’s browser does text-wrapping. I forget which third-party mobile browser does it too (opera maybe? ) but it could be a hood solution for those who want to read the site on their phones and whose native/default browsers dont text-wrap (text-wrap, sounds like an educational hip hop presentation for elementary school kids in the 90’s…)

Valentine June 5, 2014 um 5:19 pm

Works just fine for me. Tried on Xperia tablet with Firefox.

Trond K. June 5, 2014 um 9:12 pm

Hi Nate, ever since you changed, the website has not been working for me at all on Chrome or Opera on my Nexus 5. Works fine using Firefox though.


baochan June 6, 2014 um 9:10 am

Seems to be working again, thanks!

I think this solution is fine, honestly I can’t stand "mobile friendly" websites. The reason I got a smartphone in the first place is so I could browse full proper websites. But I know some people prefer them so as long as there a link to go back to the desktop version it’s fine.

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