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Is Anyone Having Trouble Visiting This Blog from a Mobile Browser?

It looks like I am still experiencing complications from switching webhosts.

Several readers informed me yesterday that they were having trouble viewing this blog in a mobile web browser. Specifically, it was showing up as a blank white page:

Your site isn’t showing up at all on mobile browsers (tried on Opera and Chrome for Android). Just showing a white screen. I thought the site was down for days until I tried on a desktop.

If you are reading this then I figured out the problem and the temporary fix is in place.

It turns out that, when redirecting my website to use a new nameserver, I forgot to also do something about the mobile site at That is the URL for my mobile site, which used to use a mobile friendly theme, and I completely forgot about it this past weekend.

I just went in and added that URL, and for the moment it redirects to the regular blog theme. This is not particularly mobile friendly, sorry, but it’s what I can do this immediate second to replace the blank page. I would like to offer readers a more mobile friendly theme but I can’t find a way to do that. The trick I was using doesn’t work any more.

My long term plans include switching to a new blog theme which will be responsive, but it’s not done yet. Again, sorry.

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Nighty 5 June, 2014 um 1:27 pm

Kewl, it’s working again. I thought it was my phone since it worked on the same browsers on the tablet (at first I thought it was related to the webhost change but when I checked on the tablet and it worked I figured it was the phone).

I don’t mind using the desktop site especially as HTC’s browser does text-wrapping. I forget which third-party mobile browser does it too (opera maybe? ) but it could be a hood solution for those who want to read the site on their phones and whose native/default browsers dont text-wrap (text-wrap, sounds like an educational hip hop presentation for elementary school kids in the 90’s…)

Valentine 5 June, 2014 um 5:19 pm

Works just fine for me. Tried on Xperia tablet with Firefox.

Trond K. 5 June, 2014 um 9:12 pm

Hi Nate, ever since you changed, the website has not been working for me at all on Chrome or Opera on my Nexus 5. Works fine using Firefox though.


baochan 6 June, 2014 um 9:10 am

Seems to be working again, thanks!

I think this solution is fine, honestly I can’t stand "mobile friendly" websites. The reason I got a smartphone in the first place is so I could browse full proper websites. But I know some people prefer them so as long as there a link to go back to the desktop version it’s fine.

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