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Apple Makes iWork for iCloud Free for All, Drops Beta Access

icloud-betaApple is getting serious about the cloud. Just two short weeks after offering  beta access, Apple has quietly made iCloud available to all, with no Apple hardware required.

Now anyone who is looking for a competitor to Google Docs or the other online office suites can try Apple’s productivity suite.  They’ll get 1GB storage to fill with the docs, spreadsheets, and presentations they make with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, but the service does not extend to all of iCloud. Email, for example, is not accessible.

Offering up one of its key services to all users, no matter the platform, is a little unusual for Apple. Just about the only other example of Apple being platform-agnostic would be iTunes (which had to be released for Windows, otherwise there would have been no way to support DRMed music sales).

If you’d like to try it yourself, head to and set up an account. For more info, Apple has posted a helpful FAQ.

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Fahirsch February 27, 2015 um 2:06 pm

Safari was for a time also available for Windows. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes back.
I suspect that making iWork free with 1 TB is to compete directly with MS Office

Tom Semple February 27, 2015 um 6:32 pm

Umm, read the FAQ again. It is "1GB of free storage", not 1TB. If you connect an iOS or Mac device, that goes up to 5GB. A terabyte will set you back $19.95 per month.

By comparison, Office365 gives you unlimited storage for about $99/year, for up to 5 users, and that includes Office on 5 machines (Windows or MacOS). And it includes email.

But who knew Apple even knew enough about web development to do this? Or maybe they don’t, only time will tell.

Is this a 'key service'? I’m not so sure about that. I’ve yet to connect my Apple devices to iCloud, the only iWork app I’ve ever used is Numbers, and that was months ago.

Nate Hoffelder February 27, 2015 um 6:46 pm

I fixed the typo, thanks.

lifethinkist March 2, 2015 um 3:21 pm

Here are some screenshots and an overview of Apple’s iWork on iCloud.

Use Apple iWork on iCloud for Free – Create and Share Documents Online

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